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Online Business for Dummies. Without Any Investment.

By: Tawab

What is Online Business? Is there any way I can earn online? Does online earning can fulfill my financial needs? Why can’t I get any success from online business? What I am doing wrong? Etc. These are the question asked by lots of newbie’s who jump in the world of internet without researching it properly and quickly got frustrated. Most of them don’t even know a single thing about business. But don’t worry you are on right place now. I want to help all those people who are struggling to get some decent income online. Earning is possible online but you have to commit yourself to work sincerely like normal job. Following is a step by step guide to help even a kid to succeed if applied correctly.

First you have to understand what is online business?

Online Business is a modern way of earning it has similar rules as normal business or job. You have to take risks, you have to work hard, you have to stay focused, proper time management etc. I know what you are thinking… that’s why I am here I can through you with every single step, you have to follow my instruction carefully and soon you will be up on your way to success. And don’t forget me when you get rich.

Let’s Get Started:

For an online Business you need a website where you can promote your business.

What is a website?

I know everyone knows what is website but I have a different concept of website. A website is like a place, you can use it as a shop where you can sell your products, sell your service, display your arts, showroom, office, gaming zone, conference hall etc, it can be anything, it’s your main spot of earning.


When you want to start a business you have to know what you are going to start.
Deciding What Business to Start:
Your first step is to decide what your business is about. The best business is which are in demand. For example I choose a dog food business and it is in demand because every dog owner needs dog food. And my targeted market is dog owners; I have to frame my business putting dog owner in front of me. Research on your business and make a list of products or services you’re going to provide, what a dog owner wants, what’s best for his dog etc. Choose product after examine, one product at a time would be better. After selecting your product go to next step.


Setting up your Online Business Site:
1. Create a new fresh email account which ever is most convenient for you I recommend Gmail because it has much space to keep files.
2. Make a blog through It is free & easy to manage for the beginners.
3. Create an affiliate id (recommended because mostly they pay on time.
4. Write an article about your product in your site give complete details about your product, after giving detail refer the affiliate link where people can buy that product.
5. Give your site a presentable look that a visitor can feel nice & trusted add some pictures which are related to your article that makes your visitors focus on what you’re talking about.

After completing these tasks your 10% work is done… I hear your shout “ONLY 10%” don’t worry setting up business is more time consuming task but only one time effort, at the moment your site is ready for every one or if you want additional things you can add it but make sure it will be relevant to your business. Your 90% work lends on your Business Promotion side.


To promote your business you have to focus on your targeted market.

Add your website to list in search engine:
Search engines are main source for visitor to visits websites. There are various seo tricks from which your url placed high on search engine. But for beginner first you add your url to major search engine list to do that go to tool, and write in user id of your Gmail account and password which you create early when you got into webmaster home page click add your site after adding your site to webmaster then add your sitemap. After that you will see your site on search engine within a week. At the time you don’t have to worry about your url ranking it will go up as time passes and your content expend. For now focus on other practices.
Business Marketing:
Effective planned marketing is a main key of successful business. You have to market your product precisely in a right place. This guide target only free ways of marketing available online which are best ways.

1. Number one best way of marketing is Article marketing. It is most effective in long run and it attracts all targeted visitors, how it generates targeted visitors? Suppose you like football, most likely you will read, attracts and want to know more about football. Write detailed and excited things about your product and left people to know more about your product so they will come to your website to know more. Create article then publish it on article directories (recommended,

2. Make a group in yahoo groups and update people about your product.

3. Participate on your product related forums.

4. Invite people to your website in order to help them. I provide a healthy diet plan for dogs which includes my product in diet plan; in this case I helped them to choose my product.

5. If possible make a video of your product and upload it on YouTube. People have more trust on a visual item.

6. Email users to inform about your new product.

7. Quick ways to attract customers are introducing some related free stuff.

Make a routine from these steps of marketing, everyday give 1 to 2 hours for marketing and you see your visitor’s would increase on daily basis. Once your visitors would increase you can turn your visitor’s into customers by assisting them to choose what’s best for them and why they spend on that product. First complete all these steps then go further. Best of Luck on you way of start Online Business.

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